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Beyond the Pose Yoga by Caroline San Juan Czubaj located in Panama City Florida.  Specializes in individual and group Ashtanga based Vinyasa Instruction and Teacher Training.

Teacher Gratitude

I am forever grateful that God has led me along this yogic path and am immensely thankful for the yoga teachers who have so influenced my journey Beyond The Pose:

Ally Ford (Clearwater, FL)

Dr. Prudence Farrow Bruns (Santa Rosa Beach, FL)

Isabella Gutfreund (Venice, VA),

Sharon Denton (Clearwater, FL)

Sri T. Krishnamacharya (1888-1989), (Chennai, India)...who "swept aside prohibitions laid down thousands of years ago against the teaching of Yoga to women."  And for introducing Vinyasa Yoga to the world.

I am also thankful for these other inspiring teachers who I've learned from through various trainings: Tim FeldmannKino MacGregorGreg NardiLisa Schrempp, Seane CornSharath Jois

And the greatest of my gurus:  Buddy, Sierra, Arianna and Shiloh

   Dr. Prudence Farrow Bruns (Transcendental Meditation Teacher)               with Caroline and her daughters

Dr. Prudence Farrow Bruns (Transcendental Meditation Teacher)              with Caroline and her daughters

  My Greatest Gurus...

My Greatest Gurus...